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Hernia is a disease which occurs when internal organs come out under the skin due to the weakness of the muscles of our tummy. It is treated by a surgery / operation where the organs are put back inside tummy and the muscular defect is covered by a mesh (made of synthetic material). This can be done both by open and laparoscopic methods. Both are equally successful with laparoscopic approach having the advantage of small incision.

There are many kinds of hernia like- inguinal, ventral, umbilical, incisional, femoral, hiatus hernia and internal hernia.

Once the hernia surgery is done successfully, recovered patients need to have few restrictions to prevent both the recurrence of hernia and also the pain after exercising.

Prevention is the key and such patients must follow following precautions-

  1. Avoid any activity which increases pressure on the tummy
  2. Avoid all the exercises of the tummy / abdomen
  3. It is a myth that abdominal exercises alone flatten the tummy
  4. Such patients can enjoy brisk walking, cycling, swimming, exercises of the upper and lower limbs
  5. Pranayama involving vigorous abdominal movement should be avoided

In case if pain happens one should see their doctor to check if all is fine and to get suitable pain

Killers. This is important as any pain could be due to following reasons-

  1. Abdominal muscle strain
  2. Some technical problem related to the operation
  3. Recurrence of the hernia