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There has been a rapidly increasing prevalence of obesity worldwide with 62-71% of people in US and 56-65% in UK being overweight or obese. Obesity rates are increasing amongst children also. Furthermore, overweight children tend to become overweight adults.

Obesity rates are increasing exponentially with rates doubled in Australia and US in last 20 and 30 years respectively and tripled in Europe in last 30 years.

The robust link between obesity and cancer is proven now.

According to World Cancer Research Fund (2007)- 35% of cancer pancreas and cancer esophagus, 28% of cancer gallbladder and 25% of cancer colorectum are attributable to obesity.

The relative risk estimates of 1.1-1.6 per 5kg/m2 incremental increase in BMI is noted.

Obesity also increases the cancer related mortality. It accounts for 14% of all deaths from cancers in males and 20% of all deaths due to cancers in females.

In terms of solution weight loss by any means including bariatric surgery leads to a reduction in cancer incidence.

We need to take care of body weight and keep it within normal range so as to get at a safe distance from abdominal cancers.

Remember, prevention is always the best!