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Abdominal cancers are genetic and I cannot get this because we do not have its family history.

It cannot be a cancer as I do not have pain.

Cancer is a death sentence.

We cannot get cancer in our abdomen (tummy).

Cancers spread by operation.

Once a cancer patient, recurrence is certain.

Even after successful treatment patient cannot have a normal, active and productive life.

Cancer treatment is not successful in elderly.



Most of the cancers (90-95%) are related to environmental and lifestyle actors.

Only 5-10% cancers are due to genetics.

Abdominal cancers are the second commonest cause of cancer deaths (they comprise 6 out of top 10 cancer deaths).

We have around 15-20% chance (one in five) of getting cancer at some point in life.

Cancers are not communicable from person to person by any means.

Tobacco and alcohol consumption are responsible for 25-30% & 10% of cancers respectively.

Diet low in fruits and vegetables, high in red or processed meat are associated with 30-35% of abdominal cancers.

Obesity, stress and lack of physical activity are independent factors causing cancers.